Helping hands: Miami’s Venezuelan community rallies to help boy get prosthetic hands and legs

What a cutie pie!! I am so thankful that he is still with us and that his heart is bigger than most. What a great thing for a community to rally for what is most decent and caring. These stories should be the headlines that we all wake up to in the morning. If they were, maybe we would have more peace on earth.

NBC Latino

The average teen is thankful for having a cell phone, a computer and videogames. But 13-year-old Franklin Mejias is thankful for the prosthesis that allow him to walk.

Mejias , a Venezuelan boy who came to Miami with his family for vacation, was infected with a bacteria that almost took his life and caused him to lose his legs and all of his fingers.

The nightmare for this family started last year when Franklin had been enjoying a week of the beaches in Miami with his father of the same name, Franklin Mejias and his sister Frany Mejias. They had planned to go to Disney World in Orlando, but the night before the trip, Franklin had to be rushed to the hospital after high fevers, vomit and diarrhea.  The boy has since undergone 12 surgeries that saved his life.

Franklin has been diagnosed with IRAK-4 deficiency, a deficiency that does not allow…

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